Participant Information – SIAD

Welcome to the UVa Institutes on Academic Diversity

We are excited to have you join us for our upcoming institute!  Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions



**Please note: The institute is NOT being held at the Curry School (Ruffner or Bavaro Hall) on Emmet Street, despite the fact that we are hosting the event.  

All sessions will be held in Pinn Hall (formerly the Jordan Hall Conference Center) (#16 on this map), located on the corner of Jefferson Park Avenue and Lane Road. This facility is attached to the University of Virginia’s Medical School and is also adjacent to the University of Virginia Hospital.


Your Curriculum
Please bring a lesson, unit or set of standards on which you would like to focus or to refine. You may use these in your afternoon sessions.

Computers or Tablets
Wireless internet access is available in Pinn Hall (formerly Jordan Hall). You will receive a wireless passcode upon check-in. The seating can be a little tight in the auditorium, so using computers during Carol’s session is not ideal. We will provide a hard copy of her powerpoint for taking notes.

A Sweater or Hoodie!
The temperature in the auditorium is finicky. Dress in layers and be ready to peel them off and on. An umbrella can’t hurt either since you will most likely be walking to the site.


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We will provide coffee, tea, and a continental breakfast prior to the beginning of sessions each morning.

A catered, buffet-style lunch is included in your registration fees. We try to anticipate special food considerations and provide vegetarian options. If you have medical or religious food restrictions, please contact us at

Afternoon “pick-me-up” snacks will be provided.

C’Ville has a lot of yummy restaurants. Mas to Millers is a great resource for restaurant advice.


You will receive a hard copy of this at the Institute. No need to print this.

Powerpoints and handouts from presenters will be posted on the UVa Collab website. You will receive an email notification from collab with personalized login instructions.


Check out the forecast.


  • 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. You will check in at the reception desk outside of the auditorium where you’ll receive a namebadge and your conference materials.
  • 8:00 a.m. The morning session will begin PROMPTLY in the auditorium.


Parking anywhere near to the University of Virginia can be quite a challenge.

Walking from Hotels
If you are staying in one of the conference hotels, it is best to leave your car in those parking facilities and walk the 2 blocks (or take the UVA bus if you are staying at the Cavalier Inn/Best Western) to the Jordan Hall Conference Center.

14th Street & Wertland Parking Garage

  • Located behind a cluster of restaurants (e.g. Boylan Heights) off University Avenue, this is a small garage. ($2.50/hour)

The Corner Parking Lot

  • Located behind Duncan Donuts right smack dab in the center of University, this lot was made famous in an independent documentary.($2/hr)

Garages on bus routes:
Water Street Parking Garage

  • Take the free Trolley to Jordan Hall Conference Center. The Trolley stop is located on Water Street, just behind the Bank of America ($2/hour).

Central Grounds Parking

  • Hop on the UVa bus Green Route at the stop located across Emmet Street in front of the Curry School parking lot ($2/hour).

University Hall (U-Hall)

  • Hop on the UVa bus Green Route at any of the U-Hall stops. This is the cheapest but most complicated option: You can visit the UVa Parking and Transportation Office at 1101 Millmont Street to purchase a week-long parking pass.
  • You will need to purchase this pass Monday afternoon after the sessions, as you will not have time before the conference begins Monday morning. Their office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The process will take 10-15 minutes, but you will then need to park at UHall and wait for the next available Green Line Bus.($5.00/week).
  • Watch the videos below to see exactly how to do this!